Refrigerated Trucks and Trailers


"My customer wants to know that temperatures in the load have been OK all day."

TranScan Sentinel Temperature Recorders for refrigerated trucks. This recorder is wall mounted inside the cabin, so the driver can see the temperatures of 2 sensors, one in the return air and one along the ceiling ¾ way down. With printer for Delivery tickets and journey tickets, so regardless where the truck is, the driver can always prove correct temperatures were maintained. The memory holds five months of data.


"Are the trailers keeping the temperatures?"

TranScan 2-ADR in outdoor weather-proof casing, mounts on the front of the trailer. Can connect up to four temperature sensors and on/off sensors. Includes printer for Delivery and Journey tickets, so that the driver can prove to the customer at delivery points that temperatures were maintained. This model can connect via RS232 port to Navman and other GPS system for automatic and prompted downloads of temperature files to head office regardless of position.

All refrigerated trucks & trailers.

"All we need is post trip record of temperatures"

T-TEC Wireless data loggers can be fixed mounted in the truck, van or trailer. At arrival back into the yard, the day's recordings can be transmitted by radio to the gateway. The gateway is connected to a computer that receives the logs and adds them to the database. The logger stays in place, making the task much easier and safer.

The simplest method of complying with regulations, is the T-TEC 6RF-1E Data logger with internal sensor, which can be mounted on a bracket in the return air.

Small trucks

"The driver wants to keep an eye on the temperatures"

T-TEC 7-3F data logger with display and 2 remote sensors may be placed in the cabin with one sensor mounted in the return air and the other mounted above the goods. Display shows alarm, if the temperature has come out of range. This logger also comes in a wireless version.

"Customer needs to see the core temperature"

RT-602 electronic probe thermometer is handy to have if a customer insists on checks of core temperature of products. The RT-602 has self calibration feature and tapered stem for quick readings.