TempReport Demonstration

Would you like to be able to access your data loggers remotely at all times? Via radio, WiFi or Cloud?

With TempReport you now can. To see how it works:

Loggers on wall

Two demonstration loggers here on the wall next to me in Adelaide can be accessed on the cloud.

The loggers are in contact with the gateway via radio. The gateway in turn talks to an access point / router via WiFi.  No computers are needed so there is access around the clock.

To try

You need internet access, the latest software update which is available from
www.t-tec.com.au/downloads , and a software registration key.

  1. Open the TempReport program and go to ‘Settings' > ‘Cloud subscription'. In the field ‘URI', please enter: cloud.tempreport.com.au.  
  2. In the field ‘Subscription key', please enter this password: try_the_cloud
  3. Go to ‘Settings'> ‘Gateway management' and press ‘Add'. In ‘Edit Gateway', please enter this MAC address: 5C:CF:7F:C7:22:74 (without the colons or spaces) and name the gateway: ‘T-TEC test'. Press ‘Confirm'. Back in ‘TempReport settings', press ‘Close'.  Click the arrow of the drop-down menu at the bottom of the main screen.  You should see a green dot for the gateway you just entered.
  4. In the main screen, choose ‘Add new logger'. Enter the number: 91, then synchronise it when asked. Do not change the security settings. Then enter number 92 as above. 
  5. You can now operate these two loggers. 

The security settings will allow number 91 (temperature only) to send updates and file downloads, be stopped and started, alarm set and cancelled. The security settings cannot be changed.

Number 92 (temperature and humidity) may send updates and file downloads. The security settings cannot be changed.

This is only for demonstration purposes. If you would like this facility for your own wireless data loggers, please contact us for your private subscription key to the cloud. Your gateway can be modified to access the WiFi and contact the access point / modem directly.

To send your own data logger files on the cloud you will need

  1. Your own WiFi available 24/7. 
  2. A gateway with a mac address. You will need to send it to us for the update if not.
  3. Your own subscription key to replace Try_the_cloud. 


If we use the TempReport cloud

  1. Would our files be kept private? Yes. To access your files on the TemReport cloud, you need the correct MAC address of the gateway that sent the files, the access code that Temperature Technology issues and the serial numbers of your loggers.
  2. Would the files be updated over night & weekends? Yes. When your WiFi is on, the gateway with WiFi will send the files and alarms.
  3. Do we need to have the same registration key on all our computers? Yes, if this security feature has been set in the data loggers.
  4. Can we use our own cloud/server? Yes, You will need the TempReport cloud software to establish your own storage. Please contact us for the price.