Wireless dataloggers (RF)

Wireless (RF 433 MHz) temperature data loggers, large onboard memory, powerful software with user access control, automatic downloads, data through cloud, SMS or email.

A wireless temperature logger is like an extra member of staff.

It keeps watch over critical temperatures constantly.  It stays there and records the temperatures in it's memory. It sends periodic updates and latest files automatically. You can get notifications to your mobile phone when the temperature goes out of range.  All with the help of your WiFi,  TempReport cloud and the app from Google Playstore ($1). You just need to look at your phone to see a list of actual temperatures and a small graph of the last three days for peace of mind.

S4frame screenshot croppedgraph screenshot cropped

The new T-TEC RF data loggers are based on the original T-TEC data logger series. The new series, have a larger onboard memory (100,000 + logs), as well as the ability to send data wirelessly to a gateway (up to 350 meters). With regular automatic downloads, the stored data points can easily outnumber the onboard storage data size. No log is ever lost.

Relay output is an option that can come with the Gateway.

The new communications software for the T-TEC RF brings SMS and emails for alarms, as well as the ability to share the data via the cloud (an IP network). 

Wireless datalogger with display, data logger without display and a Gateway

Currently available types


Wireless communication occurs through the Gateway. The Gateway needs to be attached either directly to your computer or to your local area network via WiFi, attached to a 5V power supply. It can also connect via a USB (sharing or server) device attached to your network. Once the data is uploaded to a computer, that data can be shared between multiple computers via an IP network and cloud software, either via the Internet or hosted on your own server.

Optional relay for connection to a wired alarm system is onboard the Gateway, and thus can act as relay for all the wireless data loggers that are set up to send alarms.