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TempReport wireless data loggers for food delivery trucks.        

How TempReport using wireless T-TEC Data loggers is saving Galipo money and keeping track of the temperatures in all their trucks.

Galipo Food Company is one of the largest, most respected and professional Foodservice Distributors in South Australia, employing over 132 staff with a fleet of 38 trucks. All trucks are H.A.C.C.P. accredited with freezer/chiller/dry goods capability.

For the last 3 years they have been awarded the best distributor in South Australia. But more importantly, they have been awarded as the Best Food Distributor in Australia in 2014 and 2016.Being true leaders of the industry, they are South Australia’s iconic Food Distribution Company and have been a benchmark in most facets of the industry.

When Galipo were looking for a new solution to temperature monitoring in the delivery trucks, they were mainly looking for ease of operation and reliability. Barinder Mann, Contracts and Administration Manager, contacted Temperature Technology about the TempReport wireless system. The data loggers were to be mounted in the cabin with one or two sensors going into the fridge or freezer compartment. The challenge was to make sure that the temperature updates from the data loggers in the trucks were able to reach the gateway antenna. After extensive testing, it was concluded that a large outdoor antenna for the gateway was the best solution for Galipo Foods.

The TempReport System saves considerable time and effort for the drivers. Because the data loggers stay in the trucks at all times, there is no need to retrieve them for downloading and then put them back again. All files are now sent from the loggers to a data base on an office computer.Daily readings also allow the managers of the operation to act on issues quickly and ensure that they have the right information on their hands. No logs are ever lost, because the files stay in the large memory of the battery operated data loggers and can be read again at any time.    
All files are kept securely in-house with no compulsory third party payments.
Options for SMS on alarms and cloud storage exist.