Temperature Technology offers a NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities) traceable calibration of thermometers and data loggers. We test the items at 3 or 4 temperature points and provide a certificate showing how they performed compared to our own references. Our reference thermometers and data loggers all have a NATA certificates that are available on request.

NATA certificates are available from NATA registered laboratories. NATA is the Australian body which oversees calibration procedures.

Infra red measurements

Infra red measurements are non-contact surface measurements. The instrument is aimed at the object and can "see" the surface temperature only. Some instruments have light or laser pointers to guide the user as the which area is being measured. The temperature of the object (Tobj) and the temperature of the ambient (Tamb) influence the accuracy of the reading, and so does the nature of the surface to be measured. The emissivity may be adjusted in some instruments to fit a particular surface.