Temperature Technology Privacy Policy

About this policy

Version 1.0, March 2019

The Google Play Store requires developers to have a privacy policy. This privacy policy describes the data that is managed: collected, stored and used. It also covers how we deal with complaints and requests, disclosure of data, website analytics and finally how to get in contact with any concerns you may have.


Temperature Technology does not collect personal data from clients through the TempReport mobile application at this time. However, the application does utilise Firebase which may collect data, possibly the Android advertising identifier. We encourage everyone to ensure their own privacy by understanding the Firebase privacy policy, the Google Play Terms of Service and Google's privacy policies.

This policy is currently the first edition, and is subject to change without notice, with experience. Please bookmark and regularly check for changes.

Disclosure of data

We do not disclose anyone's data to anyone else at any time, unless legally compelled to do so.

Data logger data

Temperature Technology has a general policy of not revealing temperature data to others as we believe that it may be sensitive in nature. If you return your password secured data logger to us with data on board to remove the password, we will remove the security and the data at the same time. That has been a deliberate design decision from the very beginning. Please ensure you keep track of your passwords for your data loggers.

How we deal with complaints and requests

Contact us to make a complaint or request. You may be asked to supply additional personal information as evidence of your identity, particularly if private or sensitive data is involved. You may request to change, add or remove any data at any time.

Website analytics

We do use Google Analytics on our site to keep general track of numbers, and to watch if specific errors occur. They rely on Cookies, so if you do not wish your session to be tracked, please turn cookies off in your browser.

Contact us

Contact us about your privacy concerns. Alternatively, you can write to us at:

Temperature Technology


  1. 105 Anzac Highway
  2. Ashford
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Business Hours

9.00 am to 5.00 pm week days, Central Australian Time. Please feel free to stop by, browse the thermometer range and ask for demonstrations of our software.