EMT 999

Electronic Min/Max Alarm & Clock thermometer is a highly accurate thermometer with many features. The large screen can toggle through the information of settings, modes and alarms. The time an alarm started can be shown. It can work with and without the attached sensor, which has a small bottle for preventing false alarms. Suitable for vaccine and medical refrigerators, incubators, storage of food & chemicals.

Min/Max & Alarm and Clock Thermometer

May be used with or without remote sensor plugged in. Using the built-in sensor the EMT999 monitors ambient temperatures. Using the remote sensor, all readings will be from the remote. Highly accurate, also as clock.

High and low alarms may be set

If an alarm is current, the thermometer will beep and flash a red light. Pressing any button will silence the the beep. Alarm may be stopped manually. Pressing the EVENT button will show the time, when the alarm started.

Large display can toggle between:

1. Actual, minimum and maximum temperatures since last reset.

2. Actual temperature & alarm settings

3. Year, month, date and time

4. Time of an alarm event

5. Also low battery warning




Inbuilt sensor range:      -5 +50°C

Remote sensor range:    -50 +70°C

Accuracy:                       0 - 40°C:  ±0.3°C

Time accuracy:               ± 1 sec/day

Sensor:                         Thermistor, 3m cable with mini bottle

Battery:                        1.5V AAA x 2, Life 8000 hrs.