RT700 Folding Probe Thermometer

Industrial Quality

Sturdy, durable, hygienic

Highly accurate

Ice point calibration feature

Fast reacting fold-out probe with tapered tip

Food quality stainless steel

Water proof to IP68

Large display, backlit when needed

Min/Max temperature display

Ergonomic shape

Long lasting standard batteries

Hard zip-up case for safe storage


RT700 Folding Thermometer has all the features needed to be the everyday, hard working tool. It is ergonomic and handles well.  When the long, tapered probe is unfolded, the thermometer turns on. It will work with the probe in any position, from slightly open to totally straight, allowing for optimal measuring.

The long  probe is made of food quality stainless steel. It is solid and quick reacting.
The tapered point is easy to insert and does not leave a big hole. It may be cleaned and washed every time.  The whole instrument is watertight to IP68 and can even be put in a household dishwasher.

The display is large and has easy to read numbers, with one decimal.
The four buttons control the display:
It can be backlit, good for work in dark environments, It can  show min and max temperatures, practical for making comparisons and ‘hold’.
The reading can toggle between ̊C and ̊F, as required.
Finally, it is possible to do an ice point calibration: In a slurry of crushed ice and water, at a press of the button the display will now show 0.0̊C, and all readings will be accurate.

The two standard batteries (available from supermarkets) are long lived, because the thermometer is turned off as soon as  the probe is folded in.  Should it be left folded out, the reading will turn off after 10 minutes.

RT 700 Folding Thermometer comes in a hard zip-up case for safe storage.


Response time    3-4 seconds (25 ~ 100̊C)
Measurement range    -40 to +300̊C
Operating range    0 to +50̊C
Accuracy     -10 ~  +100̊C    ±0.5̊C
                    -20 ~ -10̊C:      ±1̊C
                   100 ~ 150̊C      ±1̊C
Otherwise:         ±2̊C
Calibration    Ice point calibration feature
Resolution    0.1̊C
Display size    48 x 17mm
Dimensions    24 x 44 x 155mm
Weight    90g
Casing    Ergonomic and sturdy
Probe size    110 x 3.5mm with 1.8mm tip
Food grade Stainless Steel 304
Folding joint    Solid with on/off function
Battery    2 x CR2032
Battery Life    Min 30 hours continuous use
Water proof     IP 68   Totally water tight.
Standard    EN13485,   HACCP,