Transport Recorders

What are Transport Recorders?

TranScan-2ADR (Automatic Daily Recording) and the Transcan Sentinel are refrigerated vehicle temperature recorders with two to four temperature sensors, up to two on-off sensors and with a printer. They log the temperatures and time every ten minutes and store the logs in their memory.

Why choose Transcan Transport Recorders?

Distributors of chilled and frozen foods are required to maintain the foods that they handle at specific temperatures. If there is a temperature related problem, Due Diligence may not be be proved, unless adequate records demonstrating compliance with the temperature requirements have been maintained.

Transcan Delivery Ticket

With either a TranScan-2ADR or a Transcan Sentinel fitted, drivers of refrigerated vehicles that do pick-ups and deliveries can now provide proof of the temperature in their chiller compartment. This proof takes form of a "Delivery Ticket" or a "Journey Ticket" given to any interested receiver during the whole day. Both may be printed out at any time, just by pressing a button. The new model can now set alarms.

Which Transport Recorder?

Transcan 2ADR provides reliable cost effective monitoring and recording. It is the industry standard Refrigerated Vehicle Temperature Recorder incorporating the unique ADR (Automatic Daily Recording) System.

The Transcan Sentinel has been designed to meet the growing demand for a simple and easy to use recording system for the small vehicle/home delivery service sector of the refrigerated vehicle market.

A more detailed comparison of the 2ADR with the Sentinel