Chart Recorder Calibration and Technical Assistance

Temperature Chart Recorder Calibration

All models are factory calibrated prior to shipment. If required, a certificate with our measurements during the manufacturing of the recorder can be supplied with the recorder. We can also calibrate the recorder to a specific temperature/input signal. We can also certify already supplied recorders when the are returned to us. NATA certifications can also be arranged.

The TT210/260 has a facility for adjusting of offset.

Assistance with your chart recorder

If you require technical assistance (or help) of any nature, Temperature Technology is more than happy to help. Contact us during business hours by either phone, fax or email and we will do our best to assist you.

Repair and Servicing

All TT chart recorders are welcomed back to Temperature Technology for servicing and repairs. Simply send the recorder back and we will attend to it quickly. To return the chart recorder back to you as fast as possible, please write a small note as to the error experienced. If the time elapsed is still within the warranty, then Temperature Technology will either repair or replace the unit, as appropriate, free of charge.