Datalogger Calibration and Support


All data loggers has been fully tested to ensure they meet the specifications. If wanted, a certificate based on the measurements from the tests can be supplied with the dataloggers. When required, we can calibrate a logger at a specified temperature and provide a NATA traceable certificate. We can also arrange NATA certification when required.

Former supplied loggers may be returned for testing/calibration. Data loggers for remote sensors should be calibrated with the sensor.

T-TEC batteries last for a long time.

It is quite easy to forget that T-TEC Data loggers work on batteries. They last for so long that the users are surprised when a battery has had enough. The wireless data loggers draw the most on the battery when they download the file. If you find that the logger seems to still be logging but cannot be contacted, then it is time to replace the battery.

Change of batteries

The loggers use:  1/2AA 3.6V Lithium.
They are available from battery stores, camera stores and Temperature Technology.

The casing has two screws, one in either side. With a thin screwdriver, you can loosen them and lift off the top of the data logger.
The battery is easily seen. Take out the old battery,  wait 30 seconds, and put the new battery in, paying attention to the polarity.
The logger will reset itself and you should hear 3 beeps.

Closing the casing, please make sure  that the O-ring seal sits neatly in the groove, and do not over-tighten the screws. The log file will still be in the memory and may be downloaded now.

Assistance with your data logger

Help is available in many forms with any T-TEC Data logger. The T-TEC Data logger is shipped with a manual, a cheat sheet, and an extensive online help file. Staff of Temperature Technology welcome all calls from end-users who require assistance with their logger.

Software Registration and upgrades

It is recommended that the end user registers the T-TEC software to receive future upgrades, as it also gives the chance for the end user to send in their thoughts and suggestions for further facilities within the software and the manual. Temperature Technology does read their software registrations and when practicable, implement suggestions.

Repair and Servicing

All T-TEC Data Loggers are welcomed back to Temperature Technology for servicing and repairs. Simply send the logger back and we will attend to it quickly. To return the logger back to you as fast as possible, please write a small note as to the error experienced. If the time elapsed is still within the warranty, then Temperature Technology will either repair or replace the unit as appropriate free of charge.


For those in Australia who wish for a once off check, for example, yearly check up for vaccine fridges, then renting a data logger may be for you. All you need to do order the logger set up and ready to go with the start time, the required duration and other information such as special directions, identification and placement.

You receive the number of dataloggers ordered set up to your requirements, as specified. These are delivered overnight, each data logger in a sealed postage bag with directions and ID clearly displayed. These should be placed in the load unopened. If the load is wet, then place the logger in a plastic bag prior to placing in load. Upon arrival at end destination, the bag is already to be posted. It is addressed to us, postage prepaid. Nothing could be easier.The T-TEC data loggers are read immediately upon arrival and the graph posted or faxed to you as required.

If you order more than one logger for a shipment, all loggers may be plotted onto the same graph for a very useful comparison. Also there remains the possibility to compare with previous shipments. This may be informative if you want to compare agents, airlines, container types, shipping routes, seasons, types of cargo, amount of dry ice, and so forth.

The T-TEC dataloggers are precision instruments of high quality and accuracy. In case of an insurance claim, the curves will testify exactly what temperature the loggers were exposed to, and exactly at which point mishandling occurred. Factory calibration results of the data loggers are available. NATA certification of the loggers can be arranged.