Cold treament for Fruit fly

Cold treatment for fruit fly

For fruit export cold treatment may be required by AQIS as described in this PDF:

On-shore Cold Treatment Facility Requirements for Thailand

The cold sterilisation can happen either in a refrigerated container or in a coolroom. The T-TEC Data loggers are suitable for this use as they have fixed serial numbers and high accuracy.

The requirements are: 6 units of T-TEC 7-3E Data loggers with display and sensors long enough to go through the seal into the coolroom are required. 2 sensors must be in the air: one in the air inlet and one in the outlet. Four sensors must be in the core of the fruit, in specified locations.

When the loggers are started, the intended location of each logger must be entered into the file. In the software the logging may be set to every 5 minutes. This will give more than one month worth of data. The alarms may set, so that the logger display can show when the sterilisation is successfully done.

The printout of graphs or files show serial numbers, locations and temperature versus time.