Can we trust the refrigerator?

"A refrigerator is only as good as the temperature monitoring system inside"

"The most common problem is the temperature monitoring and alarm system"

With wireless T-TEC Data loggers monitoring the temperature inside the refrigerator you can get real time updates, get alarm messages and print out graphs.

The actual temperatures from refrigerators and freezers appear on the TempReport screen.  The temperature file is kept in the data logger and can be accessed at any time.  When downloaded it is kept in the local database, and sent to the cloud, if desired. Alarms may be sent to email & SMS as well.

Blood Storage

"We need to be able to see at a glance that the temperature has been OK so far"

TT260 Chart recorder with optional alarm contacts and Battery back-up has a chart especially for blood refrigeration TTC 20.5-7S, which is accepted by the TGA.

For Blood product freezers, the chart is TTC 0.45-7L with A line at 25 °C as requested by the TGA.

Blood Transport

"For a quick check when opening the esky".

A RT-3 thermometer is flat, safe and inexpensive yet accurate and very easy to read when the esky is opened. Available for the range of 0 to +12 °C.

Vaccine & Pharmaceuticals

"Daily check of minimum & maximum temperatures is all we need"

Monitoring of daily cycles in refrigerators and freezers is easily done with the EMT900 Min/Max thermometer. The display will show the actual temperature as well as the minimum and maximum recorded since last reset. 

"We need to know at all times, that the contents are safe"

For continuous monitoring, alarms, graphs and regular updates to PC and mobile phone, use T-TEC 6RF-1E Data logger with internal temperature sensor and antenna, to send messages from inside the fridge to the WiFi Gateway. The gateway forwards the messages via USB, WiFi or LAN.

Ultra cold and cryogenic:

For continuous monitoring of freezers at -80C and cryo shippers with liquid nitrogen at -196C, choose T-TEC 7RF-3P Data logger, range -200 to +300 C, using Pt100 sensor with cryogenic cable.

Steriliser & autoclave

"Proof of 121 and 135 °C is needed."

The T-TEC 7-3PD Data logger with the range of 0 +150 C and a remote Pt100 sensor is ideal for monitoring the process of sterilisation and providing proof of correct temperatures obtained. Data logger can log once a second to document the time versus temperature for fast procedures. Special sensors made to order.

Baby bath thermometer

"Looking for a really good gift for newborn children"

Baby bath thermometer made with liquid crystal thermometer laminated in water proof flexible plastic can be made to order after your artwork. The thermometer helps new parents to understand the importance of preventing scalding. The thermometer can be made for other age groups as well, older children, aged care and birthing baths.

Kitchen Cool rooms

"Food must be kept below 5 °C"

T-TEC 7RF-3E Data logger with display and remote sensor can be mounted in a bracket (can be padlocked) outside with the sensor going into the cool room. Relay output if necessary.