Storage of Perishable Goods

Inside cartons in the load.

"We need to know how our product is treated"

When sending perishable goods, small Thermochron data loggers can be put into strategically chosen boxes clearly marked with Alert Tape. The Thermochrons are easy to return to shipper if they are put in fobs tied to tags with return address. And they are not so expensive that it would be a disaster to lose one.

In cool rooms

"Just how well is the cool room operating?"

Thermochron Data loggers, wall mounted inside the cool Room can be easily downloaded once a week by touching them with the TempTec-R reader. The Thermochrons will keep logging, and their files downloaded all in one go to the office computer. The files can be sorted, graphed and scrutinised in the T-TEC software. With a minimum of 9 Loggers in the same coolroom, the readings can even be shown as a movie in DyMap.

"We want to be able to see the graph on the spot"

The TT202 temperature chart recorder, self contained and mechanical, battery driven can be put on a shelf inside the cool room. The chart must be changed once a week.

"We need to be alerted if the cool room gets too warm"

The T-TEC 6-1RE datalogger with relay output can activate an alarm — visual, audible or a telephone dialer. The data logger can be set with maximum or minimum alarms and grace periods before alarms are activated.


"Incoming goods must be checked for correct temperature"

Thermochrons may be checked and the file downloaded at critical control points by touching them with the TempTec-R Reader, which cannot disturb the logging. The T-TEC software sorts the files according to date, alarms triggered, 4 codes entered into the file, (Name of shipper, product, consignment no. or other code). Files can be saved, emailed or printed, but the logging goes on for as long as the shipper intended.

Receiver at the Loading dock

"We need to check for shipping temperatures"

Again, with a touch of the TempTec-R Reader the Thermochrons are checked for alarms and the files downloaded. The Temp-Tec-R will show on the spot if the temperature has been out of range, (excluding the grace period entered in the Temp-Tec Reader.) Thermochrons are then returned to shipper.