Environment and Recycling


"The compost needs to be at least 55 °C for 3 days"

T-TEC 7-3E Data logger and 1m long stainless steel probe with teflon cable are ideally suited to monitor the temperature in compost heaps. The data logger has 2 alarm settings and options for grace periods. On the display it will show A1or A2 when the set temperature has been maintained for the set amount of time.

PH monitoring

"We have to keep a record of the acidity of our waste water"

T-TEC 6-3A and T-TEC 7-3A Data logger for mA input accept input from any transmitter that gives out a 4-20mA signal. The software allows for scaling and calibrating so that the display can show the actual units measured (ie. 2 to 12 pH).

If a record is needed on the spot, the TT260 Chart recorder can write the graph on a circular chart. The TT260 has options for alarm contacts and battery back-up.