Refrigeration and Appliances

Test of refrigerators & freezers

"After repairs, I want to show how the appliance works"

The TT202 Temperature chart recorder gives an accurate reading of the temperature cycles over time. Because it is battery operated, it may be left inside the fridge or freezer over night and the graph is produced then and there.

An even more accurate graph is made by the TT210, which has a remote Pt100 sensor, which can go into the appliance through the seal.

T-TEC Data loggers are also excellent monitors of fridges and freezers, but require the use of a PC or laptop to start and download the readings.

The T-TEC 6-1F Data logger with 2 channels can be used to test both the fridge (where the logger itself is put, using the internal sensor) and the freezer, (where the remote sensor is placed) at the same time.


"Test of domestic dishwashers"

The T-TEC 6-2E Data logger is water tight and perfectly suited to monitor the temperature variations inside domestic dishwashers. The data logger is placed inside the dishwasher while it washes.

"Test of commercial dishwashers"

Commercial dishwashers that take in hot water and wash for a very short time are best monitored with T-TEC 6-2E Data Logger with fixed external temperature sensor, logging once every second.